APT requests Sen. Whitehouse documents regarding pharma profits during coronavirus crisis

The public deserves to know if Sen. Whitehouse is exerting any influence to benefit big pharma over the American people.

Today, Americans for Public Trust, an independent government watchdog, has filed two Freedom of Information Act requests for communications between Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration.

While Congress just passed billions of dollars for coronavirus funding, including treatment and vaccines, biotech companies are scrambling to produce new drugs. One of the companies that has the most to gain is Gilead Sciences. With new clinical trials of a COVID-19 treatment, Gilead’s stocks are up 17.6% this year. What’s more startling, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, Sen. Whitehouse had more money invested in Gilead than any other member of Congress in 2016.

In the midst of a national health crisis, it is vital to ensure that elected leaders are acting in the interest of the country and not for personal enrichment. This is why Americans for Public Trust has submitted two new public records requests to ensure transparency.

It’s vital to understand that scientific decisions regarding the approval and testing of drugs are free of political influence. Americans deserve the best solution to this crisis, without any elected official tipping the scales in favor of one company over another.

Read our requests to the FDA and HHS.

About Americans for Public Trust

APT is an independent, nonpartisan watchdog organization committed to restoring the people’s trust in our public institutions by holding politicians and political groups accountable. We use in-depth investigations and bold legal action to ensure those who disregard the rule of law are held responsible. By raising awareness of this work, we help to rebuild public faith in our elected leaders.

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