APT Files FEC Complaint Against Bloomberg, DNC

APT files complaint calling for an investigation of Mike Bloomberg's illegal $18 million contribution to the DNC

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Americans for Public Trust, an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan, ethics watchdog, filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against Mike Bloomberg, his campaign committee, and the Democratic National Committee.

After completely self-financing his failed presidential campaign, Bloomberg announced he was transferring $18 million from his campaign committee to the DNC’s coffers. Since it would be illegal for Bloomberg himself to contribute this amount to the DNC, a complaint has been filed with the FEC for an investigation of this circumvention of federal contribution limits.

While the FEC investigates Bloomberg’s transparent attempt to evade campaign finance law, the DNC needs to segregate these funds until its legality is determined.

Read the full complaint here. 

About Americans for Public Trust

APT is an independent, nonpartisan watchdog organization committed to restoring the people’s trust in our public institutions by holding politicians and political groups accountable. We use in-depth investigations and bold legal action to ensure those who disregard the rule of law are held responsible. By raising awareness of this work, we help to rebuild public faith in our elected leaders.

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