APT Files Complaint Against Rep. TJ Cox

APT files complaint calling for an investigation into Representative TJ Cox’s tax delinquency

On Wednesday, Americans for Public Trust, an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan, ethics watchdog, filed a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics against Rep. TJ Cox for various legal and ethical issues related to multiple tax liens held by the Internal Revenue Service and the state of California against the Congressman.

Rep. Cox, already the subject of a previous complaint addressing a tax lien levied against him in 2017, has had two more liens levied against him in the first quarter of 2020, prompting calls for a review of his compliance with state and federal law and standards that govern the House of Representatives.

After accruing thousands of dollars in back-taxes, Rep. Cox, instead of settling his debts with the state of California and federal government, used his personal resources to loan his campaign committee $250,000, helping to secure his election to Congress. The loan to his campaign was then repaid in full prior to the 2020 liens being filed against him.

Read the full complaint here.

About Americans for Public Trust

APT is an independent, nonpartisan watchdog organization committed to restoring the people’s trust in our public institutions by holding politicians and political groups accountable. We use in-depth investigations and bold legal action to ensure those who disregard the rule of law are held responsible. By raising awareness of this work, we help to rebuild public faith in our elected leaders.

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