What ACRONYM’s Latest Tax Return Reveals

Until now, little has been known about the finances of ACRONYM, a liberal dark money group funded by the Arabella network. But a newly obtained tax return for the group reveals new insights into the group so heavily connected to politicizing the pandemic. 

ACRONYM’s recently filed tax return shows their ownership of three private companies—Lockwood Strategy, Courier Newsroom, and Shadow Inc. ACRONYM reported owning 84% of Shadow, Inc., the maker of the failed Iowa caucus app. This newly revealed ownership appears to contradict ACRONYM’s CEO’s characterization of Shadow as an “independent company” in an attempt to distance ACRONYM from Shadow.

According to this filing, ACRONYM also owned 100% of Courier Newsroom, a network of sham news websites. These websites appear to be traditional newspapers, but they are just political instruments designed to get individuals to vote for Democrats

Additionally, the tax form shows that just three anonymous individuals provided more than half ($4.9 million) of the $9.5 million in contributions ACRONYM received between May 1, 2018, and April 30, 2019. The largest single contribution was for $1,632,500.

And, while ACRONYM’s contributions increased over 600% over the last year, the extent of their finances during a presidential election will not be publicly available until well into 2021.