U.S. Senate Will Meet to Discuss FEC Nominee Thursday

On Thursday, May 7th the Senate Rules and Administration Committee will hold a business meeting, with its sole agenda item being to discuss the nomination of James E. (Trey) Trainor to the Federal Election Commission. On March 10th, the Committee held its first confirmation hearing for Trainer. Mr. Trainor currently practices law in Texas, having previously served as Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense in the Office of General Counsel and as General Counsel to the Texas Secretary of State, among other roles.

An appointment to the FEC would give the Commission the necessary quorum to conduct business. Since September 1, 2019, the FEC has lacked the four members needed to vote on any decisions, including on regulations, advisory opinions, audits, and enforcement. Despite not having a quorum, FEC reporting requirements remain intact for candidates and political committees.

President Trump announced Trainor’s nomination in September of 2017.

Additional details regarding Thursday’s Committee meeting can be found here.