Secretary Buttigieg’s Internal Calendar Reveals Meeting with Far-Left Climate Group Advocating for Gas Stove Ban 

Americans for Public Trust Obtained Records Showing Meeting with Radical Climate Group with Chinese Government Ties

Americans for Public Trust (APT) obtained Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s internal calendar through a public records request, which show the secretary met with Rocky Mountain Institue (RMI) CEO Jon Creyts. RMI, an organization with ties to the Chinese government and a history of pushing for a ban on gas stoves and eliminating fossil fuels, said the meeting was focused on their mission to “electrify” the transportation sector, including pushing for states to adopt California’s recent regulations banning gas-powered vehicle sales.  

“Secretary Buttigieg’s misguided motto that ‘every transportation decision is a climate decision’ explains why he’s meeting with the group working overtime to ban gas stoves instead of ensuring U.S. travel is safe and efficient,” said Caitlin Sutherland, executive director of Americans for Public Trust. “Buttigieg’s regular consultations with radical climate activists—whose chief goal is to eliminate all fossil fuels—while flying around the country on taxpayer-funded private jets is the height of elitist hypocrisy that has become a hallmark of the Biden administration. It’s no wonder Americans across the country are fuming about his out-of-touch priorities.”  

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