McBath’s Dark Money Employer Supports Her Again

Failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s group, Everytown for Gun Safety, just announced their plans to spend $15 million in key races. Included in this spending was $500,000 earmarked to support their former employee, Representative Lucy McBath.

It’s not surprising they’re investing in this race again, given that they already illegally coordinated spending with Rep. McBath during 2018 campaign. After announcing her run for Congress, Rep. McBath continued to serve as a national spokeswoman for Everytown—and even made a public appearance on CNN in the dual roles. Everytown even began spending against Rep. McBath’s eventual general election opponent while she was still employed by Everytown.

Everytown’s spending was coordinated with Rep. McBath and constituted millions of dollars in illegal campaign contributions that were unreported, excessive, and prohibited by law. For that reason, Americans for Public Trust filed an FEC complaint against Representative McBath and Everytown.