House Ethics Webinar Training for New Employees and Paid Interns

The House of Representatives has recently announced that it will provide ethics training for new employees and paid interns, that do not have access to a House computer. The trainings will be conducted as webinars on May 1st, May 21st, and June 8th.

Ethics Trainings must be completed annually, and any new employee must complete the training within 60 days of their start date with the House of Representatives.  For 2020, a new employee is considered any individual who began employment on or after January 3, 2020. This requirement also includes interns who are paid by their employing office for at least 60 days.

For staff looking to enroll in the training webinar, they must email the Committee at [email protected]. Upon completion of the training, a certificate will be emailed to the participant. Additional staff trainings for new and existing employees will continue to be posted on the Committee’s calendar.

Read the full update here.