Ethics Complaint Filed Against Rep. Horsford

Today, APT filed a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics against Representative Steven Horsford for violations of the standards of conduct for members and a failure to uphold the integrity of the office.

On May 15th, news outlets reported that Representative Horsford had been involved in an ongoing, ten-year affair with Gabriela Linder. Through the release of a podcast, “Mistress for Congress,” Ms. Linder, a former intern of Senator Harry Reid, disclosed the details and identity of her relationship with the Nevada congressman. 

Perhaps most concerning, are the potential abuses of taxpayer resources and political relationships by Representative Horsford in connection with this relationship. According to an interview with Ms. Linder, the congressman “offered her financial support, introduced her to political connections and filmed a segment for her young son’s YouTube show using his congressional staff.”  Official resources, including staff time and funds, are strictly prohibited from being directed towards any sort of personal use. Unfortunately, this isn’t Representative Horsford’s first brush with legal concerns, with previous reports of a “pay to play” scheme during his time in the state legislature, ignored traffic citations, and other personal legal issues. Improper uses of these resources is not only a violation of the law and House guidance but serves to erode public trust. Therefore, we have asked the OCE to investigate this matter.

Read the full complaint here.