Department of Education documents raise questions of outside influence on mandates

The Americans for Public Trust  received documents through a Freedom of Information Act  request through the Department of Education that show at a “Principals Meeting on COVID-19 Response” attended by Dr. Fauci and Dr. Walensky, officials outlined there would be NO federal vaccine mandate. Begging the question, what changed?

The meeting details how “principals,” “will consider the following core principles outlining the Federal approach to verification developed by Deputies.” The principles include “no Federal Mandate” for vaccines, and “No Federal [Vaccine] Credentials.”

However, just months later, President Biden changed course and announced a vaccine mandate. The last time the Biden administration and CDC changed guidance this fast, it was because of political pressure exerted by powerful unions. Could this once again be the case? he American people deserve to know what caused officials to completely reverse course and roll-out a federal vaccine mandate. Does it have anything to do with the science or was it entirely political?

Read the full documents here.