Dark Money Group Demand Justice Shows its Power in SCOTUS Fight

For the past year, the dark money group Demand Justice mounted a pressure campaign urging Breyer to give up his Supreme Court seat while Democrats controlled the White House and Senate. They even drove a box truck around Capitol Hill carrying a billboard with a direct message: “Breyer, retire.”

And not only did their pressure campaign work, they also have two insiders in the White House to help executive their agenda. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki served as a communications consultant for the groups. And Paige Herwige, the former Deputy Chief Counsel for the group, now serves as President Biden’s point person for judicial nominaions.

“Demand Justice spent all last year bullying Justice Breyer into retirement and their work finally paid off. With two Demand Justice alums now working as insiders in the White House–including one leading the selection process–this far left group will be first in line to hand-pick the next Supreme Court justice to fit their agenda and see more of their demands met,” said Caitlin Sutherland, Executive Director of APT.

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