Motion Filed to Force CDC to Produce School Reopening Guidance Document

Today, Americans for Public Trust filed a Combined Cross-Motion for Summary Judgment and Opposition to Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment in federal court in an effort to force the CDC to produce records related to school reopening guidance. In response to a February 2021 APT Freedom of Information Act request, the CDC produced heavily redacted documents that showed that powerful teachers’ unions had provided draft language to CDC staff – which ultimately made its way into the final document, nearly verbatim. Significant portions of the records provided to APT were withheld, with the CDC arguing that they were privileged documents. APT filed this lawsuit to force the CDC to be transparent, and in the Cross-Motion for Summary Judgment, APT has asked the Court to review the withheld documents and find that the CDC erred by failing to be transparent in showing how the influence of the teachers’ unions on the CDC kept schools closed.

To read the court filing, click here.