Buttigieg Stonewalls Key Information on 23 Private Jet Trips Amid Federal Investigation

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has turned down repeated requests for information related to the taxpayer costs of 23 flights Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his advisers took on government private jets since taking office.

“It’s inexcusable that Secretary Buttigieg’s agency is hiding the detailed costs of these taxpayer-funded flights,” Caitlin Sutherland, the executive director of watchdog group Americans for Public Trust, told Fox News Digital. “Federal law dictates a timely release of exactly these types of records to the public.” 

“The American people are entitled to know the true cost of Buttigieg and his entourage of staffers flying private to destinations that have readily available commercial options.”

APT discovered Secretary Buttigieg was excessively using a government jet, and sent numerous Freedom of Information Act requests to the FAA to determine the costs of the flights. However, for months the FAA has refused to comply with this request, and are even stonewalling Fox News.

APT will continue to push the FAA to reveal the information entitled under law.