APT Will Fill in Transparency Gaps and Hold Both Sides Accountable

Since APT’s launch earlier this year, we have remained focused on holding politicians and groups accountable for unethical behavior. With the start of a new year, our focus and momentum will not change.

As reported by The Daily Beast,

“To the extent that ethical lapses in the Biden administration go unaddressed, a new crop of watchdog groups more associated with the political right stands ready to pick up the slack. ‘As we head into next year, if there are gaps that are needed to be filled, we will certainly take on that role,’ said Caitlin Sutherland, the executive director of the group Americans for Public Trust, in an interview Tuesday. …

[APT] quickly delved into investigations into prominent political interests on the left, including former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s massive—and, APT says, legally dubious—financial contributions to national Democrats. It also probed Courier Newsroom, a quasi-news startup affiliated with leading Democratic digital vendors.
Sutherland said APT has already begun investigating incoming Biden administration officials, including through open-records requests designed to ferret out information on individuals who also served in or worked with the Obama administration. ‘We have demanded accountability and transparency from a variety of groups and politicians from both sides of the aisle,’ she said. ‘That momentum will not change as we head into a Biden administration.'”