APT Reveals Foreign and CCP-Connected Donors to University Housing Biden Think Tank

APT has revealed the identities of many previously unreported Chinese contributors who gave six figures to the university housing President Biden’s think tank.

Previously reporting detailed that tens of million of dollars flowed into the University of Pennsylvania, which houses the Biden Center. However, the identifies of the donors remained anonymous until now.

This report also comes after reports detailed that the Biden family received millions from foreign entities.

“On the heels of learning that the Biden family received millions of dollars from foreign entities, this latest revelation raises further questions about the scope of President Biden’s ties to China,” said APT Executive Director Caitlin Sutherland. “We now know that the University of Pennsylvania—home to Joe Biden’s namesake think tank—received a massive increase in contributions from China and Hong Kong as he was ramping up his presidential campaign, and has raked in millions from CCP-tied donors since he took office,” Sutherland added. “The President owes the American people answers about the depth of his financial connections to foreign nationals who are undercutting our nation’s security and prosperity.”

Chinese donations to UPenn totaled at least $105 million from mid-2018 to mid-2022, or nearly double what was previously known, according to the records. 

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