APT Seeks Documents on Special Interests Behind CDC’s Decision to Delay Reopening Guidance

After the Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced they would not be releasing its long awaited guidance for vaccinated Americans, APT submitted Freedom of Information Act requests calling on the release of internal communications regarding the decision. As President Biden continues to stand with the teachers’ union who helped get him elected over the well-being of our children, Americans deserve to know what other special interest groups are influencing the Biden administration’s delay in releasing this important guidance.  

“Since day one, President Biden started paying back the dark money groups that got him elected, and the decision to delay releasing guidance seems no different. Transparency is needed now more than ever to ensure that decisions impacting every single American are not made by those who bought and paid for this administration. It is critical the public knows what is behind these delays with the CDC,” APT executive director Caitlin Sutherland stated.