APT Requests Documents for Biden Nominee Regarding Troubling Connections

Today, APT filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Montana Governor’s Office and related agencies regarding Tracy Stone-Manning, who has been nominated as the Director of the Bureau of Land Management under the Department of the Interior.  APT has requested records for her past roles in Montana state government over selling political access and her associations with extremist groups. Given the significant authority she would be given at the Bureau of Land Management, it is critical that the American public have confidence in her ability to lead this agency. In this role, Stone-Manning would be granted extensive authority over federal lands. Yet, as recent reporting shows, there are some concerning questions regarding her past. In one instance, Stone-Manning received a personal loan from a political donor, with interest rates below market value. This loan was given at the time she worked for Senator Jon Tester and would have been subject to certain Senate gift rules. No records have been produce to indicate that she complied with such rules. Additionally, news outlets have reported that Stone-Manning was part of a federal criminal investigation for eco-terrorism activities and involved with a radical environmental group.