APT Files Ethics Complaint Against Tester for Using Official Website to Push Re-Election

Today, Americans for Public Trust filed an ethics complaint against Senator Jon Tester for using his official Senate website to promote his 2024 re-election campaign.

Senate rules strictly prohibit using congressional resources for campaign purposes, and Senator Tester violated these rules when his office posted a February 22 news  story announcing his re-election to his Senate website. 

“The Senate has long recognized that a ‘public office is a public trust.’ In adhering to this well-founded principle, it is incumbent upon members of the Senate to ensure that the line between official Senate duties and campaign activity remains clear and unbreeched,” the complaint states. “By posting a full-on campaign announcement to his official Senate webpage, Senator Jon Tester has failed to meet the high standard expected of the office of a United States Senator, and jeopardized the public trust that the Senate as an institution has pledged to protect.”

Click here to view a copy of the complaint.

UPDATE: Since APT filed its complaint, Senator Tester has removed the campaign article from his official website.