APT Files Ethics Complaint Against Senator Tammy Baldwin

Americans for Public Trust (APT) filed an ethics complaint and called for an investigation into Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s improper use of taxpayer funds for multiple personal trips to New York City. Since 2018, Senator Baldwin has made nine trips to New York City- eight of which were paid for by her Senate office. The flights alone cost thousands of dollars and it remains unclear if these trips were made for personal reasons. 

“Senator Baldwin got caught using official funds to visit her significant other in New York City, raising serious questions about her additional taxpayer-funded travel,” said Caitlin Sutherland Executive Director of Americans for Public Trust. “Senator Baldwin needs to produce detailed records for all her New York trips to determine if she mixed more official business travel with any other personal or campaign travel. If she has nothing to hide, Senator Baldwin should have no problem justifying these trips and explaining to her constituents why they’re on the hook for her excessive travel outside of Wisconsin.”

Click HERE to read the ethics complaint.

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Top Takeaways

  • Senator Baldwin expensed a trip nearly three years ago for $630 only after facing recent questions from the public.
  • Senator Baldwin has incurred expenses upwards of $4000 for nine flights between Wisconsin or Washington, D.C. and New York City.
  • Today, it still remains unknown if these trips were made by Senator Baldwin for personal reasons, reinforcing the calls for an ethics investigation.
  • Wisconsinites have a right to know if their Senator is abusing their dollars for personal gain.