APT Files Ethics Complaint Against Rep. Van Taylor

Today, APT filed an ethics complaint against Republican Representative Van Taylor (TX-03) for violating House rules while covering up an affair.

It was recently reported that Ms. Tania Joya approached Representative Taylor in his official capacity, hoping that he might be able to facilitate connections for her. He subsequently engaged in an affair with Ms. Joya, and then paid her $5,000 in cash to have her delete text messages. If he used any official resources or staff time to either start the affair, or cover up the affair, he is in violation of laws restricting the misuse of official funds. Additionally, Rep. Van is expected to engage in behavior that reflects creditably on the House and to adhere to the letter and the spirit of the Rules of the House. If Representative Taylor exerted any influence or authority—including the misappropriation of official resources—in order to advance or conceal his explicit affair, he has done so not for the benefit of the public, but for his own, a clear violation of the public trust and the Rules of the House. 

Click here to read the complaint against him.