APT Files Ethics Complaint Against Rep. Cawthorn

Today, APT filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R) for using the likeness of the House Seal on campaign material. 

During a meeting on Saturday, December 4, Representative Cawthorn passed out a campaign-related flyer bearing the title “Congressman Cawthorn’s plan for North Carolina” that described his plan for congressional redistricting in his state. Included on the flyer was an image containing the likeness of the Seal.

By displaying the likeness of the Seal on a campaign-related flyer, Representative Cawthorn has falsely implied that this flyer is endorsed by the House of Representatives. Viewers of the flyer could easily be left with the impression that Representative Cawthorn’s redistricting plan carries with it the weight of the House of Representatives, when in fact, it carries little more than Representative Cawthorn’s own political musings

Read the full complaint here.