APT Calls Out Treasury Department for Focusing on DEI Instead of Economy

Washington Examiner: How Janet Yellen’s Treasury Department injects DEI into ‘all offices’

President Joe Biden’s Treasury Department has spent billions on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, reorienting the financial security agency through the lens of a racial equity ideology.

Following a day-one executive order from President Joe Biden, the federal bureaucracy was directed to inject a DEI mindset into its execution of American law.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen followed Biden’s directive, setting up the infrastructure to oversee departmentwide initiatives to promote racial consciousness in Treasury’s decision-making.

Two separate but nearly identical offices have been created to oversee the ideology’s proliferation departmentwide: the “Equity Hub,” whose director is “intersectional” economist Diane Lim, charged to “coordinate efforts to advance equity in all of Treasury’s work”; and the counselor for racial equity, former National Council of La Raza activist Janis Bowdler, whose job it is to “coordinate all offices and workstreams intended to advance equity.”

Lim’s position pays up to $203,700 per year, while Bowdler makes $161,813.

According to the Equity Hub’s mission statement, “underserved communities” include racial minorities, “those affected by climate change, and communities still living with the impact and legacy of actions and policies that prevented intergenerational financial security.”

Treasury also created the Advisory Committee on Racial Equity, which is focused on perceived racial discrimination against nonwhite people, whether direct or indirect. “Staff envisions the Committee to address topics including, but not be limited to, financial inclusion, capital access, housing stability, federal government supplier diversity and economic development,” the description reads.

But the push to include DEI ideology in “all of Treasury’s work” has critics saying the Biden administration is building a web to further embed the federal bureaucracy.

“As inflation continues to crush families, Biden’s Treasury Department is prioritizing the entrenchment of radical and divisive policies into a permanent administrative state,” Caitlin Sutherland, executive director of Americans for Public Trust, told the Washington Examiner. “This is a total waste of taxpayer dollars and should raise red flags for anyone concerned about the DEI bureaucracy that is out of step with the values held by a majority of Americans.”

The Treasury Department did not return a request for comment from the Washington Examiner.

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