This Week In Ethics

Each week we highlight the latest news of politicians and the powerful being held accountable for their actions. As a government watchdog, we are working to restore public trust in our public institutions by shining a light on the work being done to promote good governance. Here are the top stories from this week in ethics news.

Center for Responsive Politics - Anna Massoglia and Tatyana Monnay

Fueled by “dark money,” cash-flush liberal groups with ties to the Democratic Party are mobilizing to unleash millions of dollars worth of ads attacking President Donald Trump’s response to coronavirus ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Many political groups avoided attacking Trump as the coronavirus outbreak first began to spread throughout the U.S. But as social distancing and quarantines become the new normal, a number of multi-million dollar ad buys from Democratic groups mark a departure from that strategy. 

Fox News - Sam Dorman

A super PAC led by a former aide to Hillary Clinton is rolling out a $6 million ad campaign starting Tuesday that attacks President Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. The super PAC, Priorities USA, will utilize Facebook ads in addition to multiple on television that highlight the coronavirus’ spread under Trump’s leadership. Ads will focus on voters in four key battleground states — Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania — and contrast Trump with former Vice President Joe Biden, his likely competitor in the 2020 presidential election.

Los Angeles Tims - David Zahniser, Dakota Smith, and Joel Rubin

The federal corruption case against former Los Angeles Councilman Mitchell Englander had all the elements of an overheated crime novel: envelopes of cash, a trip to a Las Vegas casino, a female escort sent to a hotel room.

McClatchy - Shirsho Dasgupta and Kate Irby

Rep. Susan Davis of California and her husband sold stocks related to travel and tourism less than two weeks after members of the House of Representatives received a closed-door briefing on the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.