New York Post: Swiss billionaire behind Dem ‘dark money’ donations despite not being US citizen

Following APT’s revelation that Hansjorg Wyss is not a U.S. citizen, his influence over the midterm elections looms. According to the New York Post, “Swiss octogenarian billionaire has donated tens of millions of dollars to Democratic politicians and progressive causes in ‘dark money’ contributions — and Hansjörg Wyss is likely funneling millions more to influence midterm elections in November, sources say.”

“The foreign dark money revolving door is at it again, this time with their eyes set on the midterms,” said Caitlin Sutherland, executive director of the conservative Americans for Public Trust. “Wyss has already funneled hundreds of millions through his nonprofits to liberal groups that influence our elections, and now those very same groups are poised to engage in every policy and political fight all the way until November.”

According to an APT analysis, the total amount allegedly funneled by Wyss’ nonprofits to Democratic advocacy groups is likely “much, much higher,” but estimates are difficult to track as cash is often transferred through nonprofits that have more than a year’s lag time to publicly report their donations to the IRS.